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 Healthy Living with....

What our customers are saying

I feel like I have finally found a way to actually make changes in my life!

P......middle-aged woman wanting to loose weight and feel more confident an older gentleman with more than one type of cancer.  

          "This has changed my life!" a young professional suffering from severe migraines.  

          "My migraine is gone!  I feel so much better!  Even felt better and better over the last few days!" older lady with diabetes, severe migraines, foggy thinking, difficulty articulating her thoughts, blurry eyesight, difficulty sleeping, lack of                   energy, MS diagnosis, anxiety, stress and much more.

          "The worst migraine I've ever had went away in the middle of the scan and hasn't come back!  I am also off insulin.  I had to get new                       eyeglasses because my eyesight got better!  I am sleeping better and use the music and frequencies to manage my stress and anxiety                     pretty well!  Life changing!"

J......... a seasoned professional and weekend warrior.

             "I had injured my right Achilles tendon and despite resting and icing it for

             over 3 weeks it was still very tight and sore. I shared that with my massage

             therapist who applied the "Halo" light for a couple of minutes to the injured

              area. Almost immediately, I could feel the tendon loosen and the pain

              subside. My therapist massaged the area which was now looser than the left

              Achilles tendon and almost pain free. The next day all the pain was gone and

              the tendon felt normal again!"